Wed 14 Apr 2021 10:56

Mitcham & Carshalton Rugby Club - Social Distancing Plan:

12th April - 21st June


Operating Practice between 12th April – 21st June


Admission into the venue


-       All guests have been instructed to not attend if they feel unwell.

-       A hygiene station has been introduced to the front door where guests will be asked to clean their hands.

-       A temperature scanner will be present at the door to staff to scan guests.

-       At the door, guests will be reminded to log themselves into the club through the track and track app.

-       The club’s QR Codes will be present at the door where they can log in.

-       For those without the App, contact numbers will be collated for track and trace.

-       For the larger events, the club will collate a full list of attendees list the night before the event, and these will be checked on the door. For those not on the list, contact details will be taken.


The Venue


From 12th April

-       There will be no access to the bar until 21st June or until a time decided by the government to remove restrictions.

-       From 12th April, the club will only serve drinks in the Beer Garden, via table service.

-       Rule of Six will be in force in the beer garden.

-       The Beer Garden is approximately 300 square meters in size so will be able to ensure social distancing can take place.

-       Tables will be distanced appropriately apart, and there will be no more than 6 per table as stated in the guidelines.

-       The club will be introducing a one-way system to facilitate convenience. Guests will enter the clubhouse through the front door to the Beer Garden. Those wishing to leave can do so by the side gate. This leads around to the front door.

-       When in the beer garden, guests must remain seated. When leaving their table to leave or to go to the toilet, guests will wear a facemask unless medically exempt.

-       Guests have been reminded that singing and dancing is strictly prohibited. Those found to be breaking these rules or breaking social distancing rules will be ejected.


From 17th May

-       The club will enforce still all of the above rules.

-       The bar will still be closed, but there will be some indoor seating in groups of six.

-       The rule of six outside will be able to expand to thirty. The clubs have been instructed not to mixed socially to help reduce contact.


Staff Safety


-       The bar will be run by Mitcham’s Bar Manager – Jamie Greenaway, who is the owner of a Personal Licence.

-       Staff have been instructed to not attend work if they feel unwell.

-       Staff have been briefed to wash their hands every 20 minutes.

-       Staff will wear facemask unless medically exempt.

-       The clubhouse and bar area will be sterilised thoroughly before the event and tables will also be regularly sterilised during the events.

-       All staff are under 40 with no underlying health conditions so have been identified as low risk.

-       The club has applied for staff members to get lateral flow tests to be completed before every big event.


Serving & The Bar Area


-       Staff members will pour drinks behind the closed bar area and will place drinks onto the serving tray, with another staff member bringing drinks to external tables outside. Guests will be asked to take the glass from their tables area on the external tables, thus reducing additional risk and contact between customers and staff members.

-       All Payments will be taken via portable contactless terminals. The machines will be personal to the staff members, reducing exposure between staff members. These will also be disinfected regularly.

-       There will be a split of staff, some will be solely working behind the bar, others operating table service, as well as an assigned COVID safety monitor.